Couples Therapy


Couples Therapy

Approximately 99% of American couples currently in couples therapy report it positively impacts their relationship. At Kensington Wellness Mental Health Counseling, the team of experienced counselors provides compassionate couples therapy for people in the New York City, New York, community. You can benefit from therapy if you’re looking to restore intimacy, improve communication, or break negative behavior and thought patterns. Call the practice today or reach out online to schedule a virtual appointment. 

Couples Therapy Q & A

What does couples therapy treat?

During couples therapy, you work with an experienced Kensington Wellness Mental Health Counseling team member to unpack issues in your relationship. 

The team can address relationship issues around divorce, infidelity, children, marriage, addiction, or substance use disorder (SUD). The team also offers premarital counseling to ensure a strong bond early on.

The practice offers therapy to open, non-monogamous, and monogamous relationships, as well as LGBTQ+ couples. 

When would I benefit from couples therapy?

Signs you and your partner may benefit from couples therapy include: 

  • Wanting a stronger and more intimate relationship
  • Having problems communicating your feelings to each other 
  • A persistent criticism or contempt in your relationship
  • Unsolvable and frequent arguments 
  • A stressful or traumatic event 
  • Having issues making decisions in the relationship 

Therapy can provide a relationship with a strong foundation and prevent troublesome problems in the future. 

How does couples therapy work?

The team at Kensington Wellness Mental Health Counseling offers treatment in the form of talk therapy. The practice provides a safe and nonjudgmental setting to address issues with sex and intimacy, communication, finances, parenting choices, values, and beliefs. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT helps you and your partner improve your emotional behaviors and thought patterns. This can be helpful if either of you struggle with trauma from past relationships — romantic or otherwise.

Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) 

EFT is helpful for couples caught in a cycle of conflict. Therapy can help you improve communication, meet each other's needs, and restore a secure emotional connection. 

Psychobiological approach to couples therapy (PACT)

During PACT, your provider doesn’t focus on who’s right or wrong or how to fix the problem. Instead, they help you understand emotions, read body language, and express how you both feel during a conflict. 

Imago therapy

Imago combines various techniques to tap into your subconscious and improve intimacy. Imago helps you transform a conflict into an experience that creates healing and growth in your relationship. 

The Gottman Method 

This method helps couples better understand each other and solve disagreements. 

If you and your partner are looking for expert couples therapy, call Kensington Wellness Mental Health Counseling today or book a consultation online.